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"Official saddler to the world's greatest horses ... yours!"


At The Horse In Sport, we strive to bring you the finest products from the United States whenever possible and support American made products.

The Horse In Sport is Veteran owned and supports buying USA made where ever possible and supports fellow local businesses. We are transitioning to the mobile unit for western needs and appointment based saddle fittings and consultations. Western questions can be directed to Dick @ 970-210-0626,English needs to Tiger, 970-210-6117 Please limit calls to business hours (10 AM - 5 PM). Emergencies excepted. Our email remains the same: sale@thehorseinsport.com

English riders can find fitting consultation for Dressage ands Junp saddles. Tiger works with Jean Luc Cornille  and his training philosophy "The Science of Motion". Through this program, the Macel Samba and Rhumba dressage saddles are available for your consideration. Please call for details.  

 Ropers can find a full selection of ropes, roping supplies and quality roping saddles.

You can also find saddle pads by 5 Star, Classic Equine,Reinsman and Professional Choice performance  products, and much more. Total Sadle Fit Shoulder Relief cinches may be the answer to your saddle fit problems. Call for a consult. The Mobile unit will be at the Martin arena for the Roping and barrel racing series.

In our effort to offer the finest in customer service, we offer saddle fittings and assessments. Tiger received the status of Qualified Saddle Fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers in England in 2007. This ensures a knowledgeable fit for both horse and rider. Fittings are available for all disciplines as well as clinics and programs for organizations.