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Catago & FIR-Tech Products

There are a variety of Catago & Catago FIR-Tech Products that are available* to special order for horses and riders alike! Boots, braces, pads, wraps, polos, & much more. These items are in high demand and sell out quickly, be sure to ask about current product availability. HOW DOES FIR-TECH WORK? The body constantly releases energy and heat. When wearing the FIR-Tech fabric close to the skin the ceramic particles in the fabric work as “absorbers” of this heat and emit Far Infrared energy radiation back to the body. The Far Infrared wavelength cannot be perceived by the human eye, however, the body experiences’ its energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate 4-7 cm beneath the skin. The FIR-Tech energy is easily absorbed by water in the body tissue creating vibration and fraction among the bonds forming the molecules. As a result the vessels begin to expand and the blood circulation increases.
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