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Chestnut Bay

Chestnut Bay - We are Chestnut Bay Apparel We’re the Equestrian brand built with a Street to Stable Philosophy In mind. We’re about Freeing Equestrian Apparel from the show ring bringing back clothes that are beautiful, affordable and live outside the barn. We’re in this for the long game in becoming the resource for all to enjoy, entrust and experience. Our work represents a life long passion to design, develop, source and manufacture products for iconic brands within a variety of specialty industries, from Dover Saddlery’s Coolbast® Collections to Skirt Sports® Collections to WoolX® Technical Merino Wool Collections. Great design starts with listening. Listening to the brand’s objectives. Listening to the brand’s needs. Listening to every idea without judgement. Listening has allowed us to create brands that are heard. In 2017, we set out to launch our own brand with a unique focus, product innovation and personality. Chestnut Bay has captured a Street to Stable look that retailers and customers love. Wecome to Chestnut Bay Apparel
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